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Whatever It Takes

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Welding and metal fabrication

ARC, Mig, Tig, Heliarc, Sawing, Plasma Cutting—MET provides a full range of welding services and metal fabrication. We have all the equipment needed for cutting, forming and welding your new parts or fixing your old ones. When it comes to metal, MET has the welding solutions you need.


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We offer a full range of welding services and precise metal fabrication. When providing this service to you, we will use our specialized, advanced equipment to offer you with the solutions that you need.

How we do it

•Custom Parts and Assemblies

•Welding – All Materials: Arc- Tig - Heliarc - Mig  - Submerged Arc

•Cutting – All Materials: Sawing - Flame – Plasma – Laser – Water Jet

•Metal Forming: Shearing – Punching – Rolling - Bending

•Sheet Metal

•Structural steel framework

•Weldments Generated From Drawings or Samples

•Welding repairs including emergency repairs


Our welding and fabracation services include


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We Provide emergency machine repair work with pick up and delivery service to customers with-in a 100 mile radius of Marion, Indiana.