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Glass container machinery and equipment

Marion Engineering & Technology, Inc. has been involved in glass container manufacturing equipment for over 30 years.

Traversing cold end sprayers and Oscillating batch chargers are a couple examples of the machinery we make regularly for glass container manufacturing plants.


We often manufacture custom parts and pieces of equipment for both hot and cold ends as well as quality and testing devices.


If there is something you need and don't know where to get it, or you need a new sourse, or you have an idea for something new give us a call and our expert staff will be happy to help.

Traversing cold end sprayers

Our fully automated Traversing Sprayer features a dual axis carriage that tracks the lehr as the carriage traverses across the line, maintaining the spray heads between the rows and below the finish. The Sprayer is designed with 6 Spray Nozzles capable of providing over 6 GPH of coating. Additional spray nozzles can be added to increase the amount of coating if desired.


Marion Engineering & Technology, Inc., has been manufacturing hard coat spray machines for over 20 years. We have manufactured more than 60 sprayers for the glass container manufacturing industry, most of which are still in use.

Oscillating batch chargers

Marion Engineering Oscillating Batch Chargers are available in two basic main frame sizes with pushers from 20" to 34" wide. They are designed with features that allow for easy field adjustments after the furnace has been started up, increased life of the unit, simplified maintenance and ease of installation and removal of the complete unit from the furnace.

Our standard units are constructed from mild steel and are fully water cooled. We will provide stainless steel charges and mild steel, stainless companations as options apon request.  


We also provide batch charger rebuild service. Send us your old unit and we will evaluate it and give you a rebuild quote.