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Custom cylinder manufacturing

MET has been manufacturing custom hydraulic cylinders for over 70 years. Using high quality parts and advanced assembly techniques, we’ll design the perfect cylinder for your manufacturing needs and build it to your exact specifications.

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MET backs its cylinder rebuilding and repair service with over 70 years of experience. Our highly skilled technicians, engineers and purchasing staff know just what it takes to get you up and running faster than you'd believe.




Our guarantee

• Repair most any brand of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders both                  custom and N.F.P.A. type

• Single-stage cylinders of any practical diameter or length

• Multi-stage cylinders

• Large inventory of seals, O-rings and repair kits in stock

• Large inventories of honed tubing, chromed rod, cylinder heads and pistons

• Cylinder tube honing service. All cylinders are bench tested before leaving our facility

• Cylinder repair documentation is kept for future reference

• Quality service at a fair price

• 24 Hour emergency service available

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